The bros grew up on the East Coast of South Africa in Durban taking full advantage of the tropical conditions surfing and hanging on the beach. The Holmes story started when Laurie was 14 and couldn’t get anybody to shape the boards he wanted to ride and eventually in frustration started shaping his own boards in the garage. His ultra thin wafers were an instant hit at the beach and soon he was shaping boards for all the boys. A Holmes logo was developed for the boards and it was only a short step to putting it onto t-shirts and boardshorts. The bros then went on to study fine art and textile design and started seriously getting interested in fashion. After a wild year traveling the world the dream was finalized and Laurie headed home to get it together. Starting out as a corporate clothing business with the aim to built the fashion label on the side. Gary stayed on in London and ended up opening the first G-shock store world wide. Three years later (1999) the fashion side of  business had grown sufficiently for Gary to come back and get involved.
The brand has successfully participated in SA Fashion week over a number of years, (2002-2007), and has been featured in Drapers Record -London, Elle-U.S edition, Nylon-USA and Collezione Sport & Street-Europe.
‘Holmes Bros’ the brand is essentially a young men’s and ladies fashion collection of product and accessories. Best known for their t-shirts, which take a quirky look at SA culture, the brand has a young fashion flavor that represents the multi-cultural demographics of our nation to the core. It transcends age, race and cultural barriers and that in essence makes it truly democratic. Holmes is now well established in the South African market having three stores, La lucia Mall in Durban, The Zone in Rosebank Johannesburg and The Lifestyle Centre on Kloof st in Cape town.
The company takes great pride in its social responsibility to the community and the planet, all the wood for the shop interiors is reclaimed, even the shopping bags are made from off cuts and unused fabrics. The product range is designed and made locally in South Africa, as well as accessorized by local craftsmen/woman. The Holmes brand has also sponsored the menswear award at the Durban Institute of Technology’s fashion design school for the last 6 years.
Although the brand takes it inspiration from local sources, it is also important to note that the brand takes cognizance from emerging fashion trends and influences, from as far a field as Japan, London and New York. We feel that although local design inputs are an important heritage of the brand, it is vital to keep abreast of international trends and design elements. Holmes Bros is a marriage of the two worlds, Local design, International quality and execution.
The endless summer lifestyle filled with palm trees, surfing, bunny chows and vintage hot rods is the nostalgic imagery da Holmes Brothers embrace when designing their quirky clobber. We have taken a stance regarding how we put our threads together and have decided to keep our manufacturing 100% local. With the purchase of a Holmes Bros garment, you can take pride in the fact that you bought something made in South Africa, designed by people who love what they do.